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Offroad cars, tuning and equipment.

For many years we are a reliable partner for sales and service of Toyota cars. In the european offroad community we are known as a provider of standard Toyota offroad cars, but mainly we are known for our innovative offroad tuning solutions.

Offroad cars are mostly used as comfortable touring sedans. Usually they are equipped with permanent or selectable all-wheel drive. The most common designations for an all-wheel-drive are 4x4, 4WD (4-wheel-drive) or AWD (all-wheel-drive). Their technical equipment is completely sufficient for touring and light offroad driving. But there are driving situations, for which this equipment is not enough. For tough offroad use - for professional purposes, for expeditions in deserts and jungles or for competition - we deliver the optimal equipment for your vehicle.


With the Toyota Land Cruiser, the Toyota Hilux, the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the Toyota RAV4 we have offroad vehicles for any use in the offer. All models are equipped with the most modern and sophisticated all-wheel-drive technology. With our tuning and special equipment each model will be prepared for the demanding offroad use.